2010-YÖS: Announcement (15.02.2010)

The Higher Education Council of the Turkish Republic From the Head Office of ÖSYM



To the attention of foreign students seeking admission to Turkish universities: the qualifying YÖS (Foreign Student Examination) will be held on May 9, 2010, under the supervision of ÖSYM.

Applicantions of the below-mentioned individiuals will be accepted and evaluated.

Applicants-on condition that they are either in the last year of their secondary education or have completed it-who:

(a) hold the nationality of a country other than Turkey (Stateless people and refugees may also apply),

(b)      originally had the Turkish nationally by birth, but have given up their nationality upon the Turkish Ministry of Domestic Affair's approval, and their children who haven't reached their adolescence and who are registered on their document for giving up their nationality and, at the same time, who have proved that they received the Official Document for The Use of Rights Granted by The Law, No.5203,

(c) have Turkish nationality or are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and who completed their secondary education in a foreign country other than the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

To apply for the YÖS, go to the website http://ais.osym.gov.tr between the dates of February 15nd and February 26th, 2010, and follow the instructions. The 2010 YÖS Guide and Application Form can both be downloaded; the Guide will provide detailed information on the examination and the process for applying to take it.




Prof. Dr. Ünal YARIMAĞAN



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